Frequently Asked Questions

Does CMS allow hospice to use staffing agencies?

YES, CMS has allowed hospice agencies to use staffing agency nurses for the last several years; and, this year CMS put out a memorandum stating that the hospice agencies no longer need to notify CMS about their plan to use staffing agencies.

Can your nurses do admits?

YES, all of our nurses are experienced, educated and trained to perform all hospice services for all levels of care (Admit, Routine, Recerts, Death, CC, etc). The only exception is GIP admits due to the many variables involved in GIP admits. Even though we do not do the admit, our…

How much orientation is required?

Our “orientation” generally consists of meeting with you and going over your expectations, obtaining needed contact information (agency, pharmacy, DME, medical director, etc), and obtaining access to your EMR with a brief overview. You will not be billed for this orientation…

Can your nurses use our EMR?

YES, our nurses are experienced in many different EMR systems and are accustomed to learning new systems very quickly. Although rare, if our nurses need additional time to get up to speed on your EMR you will not be billed for this time.

Do you maintain the personnel files?

YES, we will provide you with a copy of the personnel file on each nurse that will be providing services for you. At a minimum the file includes: background check, licensure verification, OIG exclusionary list, CPR certification, TB screen, automobile insurance, liability insurance, tax…

Do your nurses attend IDG/IDT meetings

YES, if you request, our nurses can attend IDG/IDT meetings and the time is billed at the regular hourly rate. Many clients do not request we attend the meetings, but often ask our nurses to complete the IDG/IDT notes and/or send updated for the meetings.

Are there any additional fees or costs?

No, the hourly fee is the only cost. You will not be billed for mileage, overtime, taxes or administrative fees. Our clients really like our simple billing method and many have even told us that using Amity has reduced their labor costs.

Do you have minimums?

No, contact does not specify a minimum amount of day/weeks you must use our nurses. You can use us for 1 day, 1 week or several weeks. We provide you staffing flexibility that feeds your needs and your labor budget.

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